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Dance House Dance Wear

Grab some official Dance House Napa Valley apparel! Leotards, tights, shoes, and more—hand picked to fit our dress code!

How Fitting

Dress Code



All students are required to abide by the dress code in order to participate in their registered class(es). For safety reasons, no jewelry or watches are to be worn in class. Hair must be pulled back in a bun for all ballet classes. For all other classes, hair must be pulled back out of face, unless directed otherwise by instructor. Since TDHNV is located in a commercial plaza, we request that students bring clothing to wear over their dance clothes, when leaving the facility.

Students who do not meet the listed dress code requirements will be asked to sit out of class and observe without the option to make-up that class.


**Dance shoes may be purchased through our online store. If you are uncertain about what size your dancer needs, you can have them sized for jazz and ballet shoes at the front desk. 


Leap, Twirl & Tumble

(No street clothes)

Girls: Any color leotard and tutu (optional), any color tights, leggings, form fitting shirt and pink ballet shoes

Boys: Solid color, form fitted shirt, pants, or athletic shorts, black ballet shoes or black socks


Combo Classes

(No street clothes)

Girls: Any color leotard, any color tights, leggings, form fitting shirt or shorts. Hair MUST be tied back in order to participate. 

Shoes depending on class: PINK ballet, Tan Jazz, and black tap shoes

Boys: Solid color, form fitted shirt, pants, or athletic shorts.

Shoes depending on class: black ballet, black jazz and black tap shoes


Ballet Classes

(No street clothes)

Girls:  Any color leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes. Ballet skirts optional. Hair MUST be in a bun in order to participate. 

Boys:  Solid color, form fitted shirt, tights, or athletic shorts and BLACK ballet shoes.


Jazz / Lyrical / Contemporary / Turns & Leaps

(No street clothes)

Girls: Any style leotard or form fitted dance attire. 

Shoes depending on class: tan jazz, tan half sole, NO SOCKS. 

Boys: T-shirt, pants, or shorts

Shoes depending on class: black jazz, tan half soles, NO SOCKS. 


Acro/Stretch & Strength

(No street or baggy clothes*)

Girls: Any style leotard or form fitting dance attire, (dancers wearing baggy clothing will not be permitted to participate in Acro due to safety!)

Boys: T-shirt, pants, or shorts

*No shoes required for Acro or Stretch & Strength


Tap Classes

Girls & Boys: Form-fitted clothing, BLACK tap shoes with a low heel


Hip-Hop Classes

Girls and Boys: Your choice of appropriate dance attire, form fitting or loose*


*CLEAN athletic shoes with NON-MARKING or BLACK SOLES

Gender Expression: Dress Code is not gender specific. All attire listed by gender are suggestions. Your child has the freedom to dress however they wish as long as it aligns with the class's dress code.

Recital Note: ALL DANCERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HAVING THE REQUIRED SHOES AND TIGHTS FOR THEIR CLASS(ES). THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE COSTUME FEE FOR RECITAL. All technical classes will require TAN jazz shoes for girls and BLACK jazz shoes for boys in the recital. Girls will wear PINK canvas ballet shoes, and boys will wear BLACK canvas ballet shoes. All tap shoes must be black and have a low heel (not character tap shoes). The hip hop shoe will be specified when the costume is chosen for recital.

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