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You are always able to access your signed Policy Waivers/Agreements in your Dance House portal by clicking "waivers" in the menu.


In-Studio Information


  • Parents are required to perform a symptom and temperature check on their child before bringing them to their program. Children experiencing symptoms or who have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher must stay home.  Additionally, children should stay home if a member of your household is experiencing symptoms.

  • By dropping your dancer off at our facility you are agreeing that you are not aware of any contact with potential COVID-19 carriers within the last 14 days and do not have any reason or symptoms that would lead you to believe that you, your child or anyone in your household/immediate family would be putting any other community members at risk by entering our facility by having your child participate in a youth program at The Dance House Napa Valley. If you have any concerns, please defer any attendance until such concerns are resolved.



  • For everyone’s safety, it is important for students to arrive and be picked up on time.  Students must be dropped off and picked up at our outdoor registration point, located at the front entrance. Face coverings are optional for staff and students as of the latest Napa County and CA State mandate update.

  • Until further notice and due to safety precautions, only TDHNV Staff and registered students are allowed in the lobby and or dance spaces. No observers, parents, guardians or non TDHNV Staff or non registered students are allowed in the studio at this time.

  • There is a brief grace period to allow for social distancing at pick up.  Parents/guardians and caretakers are granted a 5-minute grace period following the official end time of the camp, workshop or program their student is attending. After which the student is charged $1.00 per minute for every minute picked up late. This policy is in place as we must provide staff to make sure your child is taken care of until they are picked up.
    *If someone else is dropping off or picking up your child, please make sure they are aware of our policies and procedures. No exceptions will be made.


  • Backpack, Water Bottle: Students are required to bring a labeled backpack to keep their street shoes and water bottle in. Everything must fit inside the bag.  They will have a designated space to store their backpack inside their classroom for the session. *We will have water bottles available for purchase and campers can purchase water bottle punch cards at the front desk.

  • Students must wear street shoes into the studio and appropriate dance shoes for their program. Students should wear comfortable clothes that they can move in. Dresses and skirts are not allowed; students must be properly covered for their safety.

Nut-Free Policy

Our goal is to ensure that dancers with food allergies have a safe and welcoming learning environment. It has been brought to our attention that we have multiple students with severe nut allergies who face life-threatening reactions when these allergens are ingested or in some cases, inhaled. 


The Dance House Napa Valley will from now on be designated as "NUT FREE." This means that no snacks containing any kind of peanuts or tree nuts will be allowed. We will post posters throughout the studio  as reminders. 

While considering all options to manage food allergy exposure at the studio, we realized that any compromise to this policy would present an increased safety risk. We feel it is our duty as a community to reduce that risk as much as possible and implementing this nut-free policy is the best way to do so. We thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for all of our dancers.


Parent/Student Responsibility

  • Parents of students with life-threatening allergies must provide TDHNV with written emergency medical treatment protocol for their student for addressing allergy-related events. 

  • Parents are responsible to educate their child about managing his/her allergy. 

  • The Dance House Napa Valley cannot guarantee that a student will never experience an allergy-related event while at the studio. TDHNV is committed to student safety, and therefore has created this policy to reduce the risk that children with allergies will have an allergy-related event.

Creative Learning Environment

TDHNV is committed to providing a creative learning environment. As such, TDHNV does not tolerate any of the following and any Student, or his/her Parent, family friend, or agent, engaging in any of the following, as determined in the sole discretion of TDHNV, will result in Student’s dismissal from the current program, without refund, and the account will be put On Hold: (i) physical aggression towards any other person; (ii) refusal to participate; (iii) inability to pay attention or focus; (iv) lack of preparation; (v) disruptive behavior; (vi) verbally abusive or threatening behavior (physical or emotional) towards any other person; (vii) inability to stay in rehearsal room or performance venue without Parent or agent; (viii) causes harm, or threatens to cause harm, to self, others or property of TDHNV or another; (ix) intentionally exposes a sick or contagious Student or self to others; (x) throws objects; (xi) takes or hides other’s belongings; (xii) violence; (xiii) vandalism; (xiv) sexual misconduct; or (xv) any other action or inaction that violates the policies and behavior as contemplated by and outlined in this agreement determined in the sole discretion of TDHNV. Furthermore, the possession, use and/or sale of cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, or illegal drugs at the studio, TDHNV events, performance venues will result in immediate dismissal without refund.

Anti-Bullying Policy/ Personal and Property Damage

TDHNV recognizes the harmful effects of bullying. As such, TDHNV does not tolerate bullying of any kind, by either a Student or a Student’s Parent, family members, friends, or agent, especially bullying directed towards another member of the TDHNV community, be it threatening, physically intimidating or saying or writing hateful or mean-spirited words anywhere, at any time, associated with a TDHNV event or performance, either in person or online, or by any other way of communication, be it writing or otherwise, made directly or indirectly to another Student. I agree that I am responsible, and agree to timely reimburse TDHNV, for any damage to any TDHNV property caused by Student, Parent, family member or agent. TDHNV property includes any property for which TDHNV is responsible, whether or not owned by TDHNV. TDHNV is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Items left in the lost and found will be donated at the end of each month without reminder or notice. 

Payment Information

You are able to access your signed Policy Waivers/Agreements in your Dance House portal by clicking "waivers" on the menu. This is where you will find all policies regarding payments. For specific questions regarding your account feel free to email

Cancellation Policy

In order to drop/cancel a class, the drop request must be received by the 25th of the month for the following month. (i.e. to drop/cancel a class in November 2023, the drop request is required to be emailed prior to October 25th 2023. If the drop request is received on October 26th 2023 or later, the client will be dropped December 1st 2023 and responsible for November 2023 tuition.). As long as a student is enrolled in a class, regardless of attendance, they are holding a spot in their registered class and are responsible for tuition payments. Cancellations/drops are not accepted via telephone, voicemail or verbally. Due to our Spring Showcase Choreography, drop/cancellations are accepted through February 25, 2024 which would ensure a drop for March 1st, 2024. (Any drop requests after March 25th will not be honored and the account holder will be responsible for the remainder of the session tuition through June 2024). If a client requests a chargeback from their credit card company/bank because they have failed to send in a written cancellation notice in time or for any other reason, TDHNV has the right to apply and process the full amount back to the client's account as well as any fees incurred by the chargeback. TDHNV’s drop/cancellation policy will remain the same in the event that classes are moved to the virtual platform for any reason. Cancellations/drops are accepted ONLY by email to Cancellations are not accepted by phone/voicemail or in person, only email to verify the date of notice.

Dress Code

All students are required to abide by the dress code in order to participate in their registered class(es). Students who do not meet the listed dress code requirements will be asked to sit out of class and observe without the option to make-up that class. 

Gender Expression: Dress Code is not gender specific. All attire listed by gender are suggestions. Your child has the freedom to dress however they wish as long as it aligns with the class's dress code.

(See dress code:


Class sizes are limited. A paid registration fee reserves your place in a class and is due upon registration. If a class is full you will be placed on a waiting list. 


TDHNV reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regular teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach. TDHNV reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or combine classes. 


If classes have fewer than 4 students enrolled, the class may be subject to cancellation. 


If only 1 student attends a class, she or he will receive a 30-minute private lesson at that time (valued at $40). In this instance, if a 2nd student shows up later than 10 minutes without notice before the start of class, she or he may join the remainder of the private

Virtual Program Information (powered by ZOOM)

Participants will access their class(es) through the Dance House website ( by clicking "VIRTUAL DANCE PROGRAMS". Your password to enter the virtual classroom and access the ZOOM link(s) will be sent to you upon registering for your class. You will be required to register for each ZOOM link once, and the link will remain the same for the entire session.

lesson. However, class will end after 30- minutes. Please notify us via e-mail or phone if you are running more than 10 minutes late to your class.

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