Payment Information


All private lessons will automatically be charged after the lesson is completed.


There is a 24-hour email cancellation policy for all private lessons. Any private lesson that is cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled private will be CHARGED IN FULL to your account. 

Dress Code

All students are required to abide by the dress code in order to participate in their registered class(es). Students who do not meet the listed dress code requirements will be asked to sit out of class and observe without the option to make-up that class. 


(See dress code: https://www.dancehousenapa.com/dress-code)


Class sizes are limited. A paid registration fee reserves your place in a class and is due upon registration. If a class is full you will be placed on a waiting list. 


TDHNV reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regular teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach. TDHNV reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or combine classes. 


If classes have fewer than 4 students enrolled, the class may be subject to cancellation. 


If only 1 student attends a class, she or he will receive a 30-minute private lesson at that time (valued at $40). In this instance, if a 2nd student shows up later than 10 minutes without notice before the start of class, she or he may join the remainder of the private lesson. However, class will end after 30- minutes. Please notify us via e-mail or phone if you are running more than 10 minutes late to your class. 


Class Transfers/Changes

Transferring or changing classes is allowed without a fee within two weeks of registration. There is a $15 fee per class transfer or change made after the two-week grace period. Because of the annual June Recital preparations and costume orders, class transfers or changes may only occur through November 2, 2020

Class Make-Up and Cancellation Policy

We require a 4-week written cancellation notice via email only to drop a class and discontinue tuition payments. If a class is dropped less than 4 weeks in advance, tuition will still be charged for the following month. Withdrawals are accepted through April 1st. (Any drop requests after April 1st will not be honored and the account holder will be responsible for the remainder of the session tuition through June 2020).


Make-up classes are not offered for studio breaks or holidays with the exception of: Labor Day, President’s Day and Memorial Day. The expectation is that student(s) will begin instruction in August and remain until June. Accommodations may be made for students that enroll after August, by prorating the tuition for the first partial month only. Thereafter, the tuition will remain the same.

In the case of an absence due to illness or emergency, a make-up class may be scheduled within 2 weeks of the absence.  Make-up classes are the same level or below. You may not make-up classes in ACRO or closed classes that require approval for registration. You must sign in for your make-up class at the front desk. If a class is made up after the 2-week period, it will be charged as a drop-in to your account.


Given the aforementioned emphasis on continuity and maintaining an optimal classroom environment, dancers will not be able to make up missed classes after April 4th, 2020 for the remainder of the session. This is both for the sake of the dancer as well as the class. Making up a class with students who are already well into their specific classes’ recital choreography places the dancer in a position of being expected to know material they have not yet learned and disallows the class from picking up where they left off.

Rules and Etiquette

If items in lost and found are not claimed within 2 weeks, they will be donated to charity. The studio is not liable for any items lost or stolen. It is not recommended to bring valuables to the studio in your dance bags.  

Any students that arrive more than 15 minutes late will have their participation evaluated at the sole discretion of the teacher. This is strictly a safety issue as a student could suffer serious injury if they have not properly stretched.

If a dancer is disruptive to the class, he/she will be asked to sit out until they can compose themselves.

Unless attended by their parent, a dancer is expected to stay in the studio at all times. We are not responsible for any dancer(s) that are not in his/her scheduled class(es).

Your dancer will be responsible for any damage caused by him/her to the studio or another student’s personal property.

Parents/guardians and caretakers are granted a 10-minute grace period following their dancers last class. After which the student is charged $1.00 per minute for every minute picked up late. This policy is in place as we must provide staff to make sure your child is taken care of until they are picked up. TDHNV does not provide aftercare.

We encourage communication with instructors, staff, and the studio owner. All we ask is that you choose an appropriate time or leave a message for them to call you. Please do not take time out of class for concerns, questions or complaints.


Our goal is to ensure that dancers with food allergies have a safe and welcoming learning environment. It has been brought to our attention that we have multiple students with serve nut allergies who face life-threatening reactions when these allergens are ingested or in some cases, inhaled. 


The Dance House Napa Valley will from now on be designated as "NUT FREE." This means that no snacks containing any kind of peanuts or tree nuts will be allowed. We will post posters throughout the studio  as reminders. 

While considering all options to manage food allergy exposure at the studio, we realized that any compromise to this policy would present an increased safety risk. We feel it is our duty as a community to reduce that risk as much as possible and implementing this nut-free policy is the best way to do so. We thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for all of our dancers.


  • Parents of students with life-threatening allergies must provide TDHNV with written emergency medical treatment protocol for their student for addressing allergy-related events. 

  • Parents are responsible to educate their child about managing his/her allergy. 

  • The Dance House Napa Valley cannot guarantee that a student will never experience an allergy-related event while at the studiol. TDHNV is committed to student safety, and therefore has created this policy to reduce the risk that children with allergies will have an allergy-related event.

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