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What We Offer


Learn the fundamentals of dance in a positive and welcoming setting.

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Jazz is a high energy and rhythmic based genre. The Dance House jazz programs are infused with energy and passion. We focus on stretching, body alignment, conditioning, core muscle strengthening, and balance. Programs will focus on developing the technical and stylistic qualities of jazz through exercises across the floor. 


Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet, jazz, and contemporary techniques. Lyrical helps the dancers connect with their emotions, creating a more technically proficient dancer. The students will focus on body control, alignment, fluidity, and choreography.

Stretch & Strength

Stretch and Strength focus on full body flexibility and is designed to push each and every dancer at their own pace. In this programs, dancers safely learn how to lengthen their legs, arms and feet, creating beautiful bodylines. We focus on building the strength that every dancer needs to succeed.

Leap, Twirl & Tumble

(Ages 2-3 years)*

Leap Twirl & Tumble is our newest program at the studio. This curriculum is structured to stimulate coordination skills, listening skills, motor-development, balance and musicality. We use fun props and exercises as well as continue to introduce terminology in a way that is fun and entertaining for the kids. The dancers in this program will be introduced to jazz, ballet and acro. This is an independent setting, parents are not allowed in the dance studio during this session. 


This program is designed to develop rhythm and timing with the heel and the toe, while increasing the students’ tap technique/footwork. This class will teach students musicality, balance, performance, and how to use their feet as musical instruments. 


This is a high-energy style of dance that focuses on bodylines and isolation techniques that give hip-hop its signature style.

Acrobatics & Tumbling

Acro and Tumbling involves training in flexibility, tumbling, strength, and other related movements directed towards enhancing the students dance capabilities.

Adult Fitness

There will be multiple adult fitness programs offered including yoga, stretch, toning and more. We will also be offering an exciting "create your own workout" class.  More info coming soon!

Combo Fusion

This program is designed to help with choreography retention and performance. Each week the dancers will learn a new combination that will either be modern, contemporary, jazz or lyrical.


(Ages 4-6 years)*

This is simply a style specific introductory program. This combination program is designed to teach children the fundamental techniques in an enjoyable and uplifting environment. We continue to incorporate proper terminology and introduce a progressive training approach. Please bring a dance bag with their change of shoes ready. Some combo settings may incorporate Jazz, Acro, Tap, Ballet and/or hip hop.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance genres; therefore, we incorporate the fundamental elements of all dance forms into the programs. At The Dance House, we suggest that all students attend at least one ballet program a week to help better the technique of each individual student. The primary objective in ballet is to develop correct alignment, musicality, strength, proper placement, discipline and grace. 


Contemporary allows dancers to experience self-expression, awareness, and confidence. The dancers will learn off-vertical alignment, balance, strength, and how to diversify their personal movement vocabulary. Contemporary is one of the most popular dance forms in the country today. 

Turns, Tricks, & Leaps

Students will explore concepts including correct alignment, innovative leaps and turns, transitional technique and groundwork tricks. Students will work on basic turns, turn sequences traveling across the floor, as well as various jumps and leaps.

Special Needs

This program is designed for individuals with physical or developmental disabilities such as down syndrome, (ASD) autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, and any other developmental delay.  We aim to enrich the lives of these children through the exploration of movement and dance concepts in a safe, encouraging and positive environment.

Private Lessons Available

Contact us here for information

*Age placement cut off is September 1st.

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