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The Dance House Napa Valley is devoted to inspiring dancers of all ages and levels in a welcoming environment where passion and talent grow. Under our roof students are encouraged to dance, dream and discover. We strive to provide the highest quality dance instruction while nurturing each student’s individual artistry, potential and self-expression. 

Staying on Track

We use only age-appropriate music, choreography and costumes for all of our dancers. We are a family friendly, professional training facility that’s main focus is providing a quality dance education for each of our students. 


Creating Structure

At The Dance House, creativity has no boundaries. Our faculty is committed to making sure each class is a safe zone for all dancers and their dreams. Participation in the arts, especially dance, builds social skills, a strong work ethic and cultivates a sense of community. Our goal is to promote acceptance, love and support for one another both inside and out of the studio walls.  


Happy Home, Happy Heart

Dancers are athletes, and with the proper training and guidance, will learn the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The confidence gained through exploring the creative and physical aspects of dance leads to an increased sense of self esteem. We understand that your environment influences your experience, so we do everything in our power to make it a positive one.

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